About us

Welcome to Discovery Diagnostic Laboratory

DDL offers state of the art testing services by highly professional experienced technical team.


Discovery Diagnostic Laboratory strives to be the industry leader, providing diagnostic laboratory services to Suboxone and Pain Management clinicians, Residential Recovery programs, clinics and businesses. Contact us today for more information on how we can accommodate your needs.

We provide the necessary tools that enable healthcare professionals to manage patient health, well- being and quality of life.


Lab Services:

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Services for Recovery, Rehabilitation and Treatment -

    • DDL is committed those in recovery, rehabilitation and treatment. We provide clinical laboratory testing services for clinicians treating patients with alcoholism and drug addiction. We offer both drug of abuse screening tests and confirmation testing on-site. We offer a wide range of drugs in both our screening lab and confirmation lab.

  • Collection Services

    • DDL offers observed and unobserved professional collections and convenient courier service.

  • Pain Management

    • DDL is committed to healthcare professionals treating patients for addiction or pain. We offer both qualitative and quantitative testing options, all performed on-site, with a wide variety of customized drug panel options.

  • Pre-employment

    • DDL offers Drug of Abuse screening tests for companies looking to test their employees based on random drug testing or pre-employment testing.